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Enchanted Empress!

As a lifelong learner, I am continuously seeking opportunities to enhance my personal growth and knowledge. Sharing the knowledge I’ve gained with others is a passion of mine, and I take great pleasure in doing so.

Like so many of my clients, my life has been an adventure, with its fair share of joys, sorrows, laughter, and awkward moments. However, it was during the difficult times, marked by my health challenges and the loss of loved ones, that I began to explore alternative approaches to managing my stress, anxiety, and overall well-being. My journey has been filled with trials and errors, leading me to develop a constantly evolving roadmap for achieving optimal wellness in my life.

My mission is to offer encouragement, guidance and support in a safe, engaging, inclusive, positive and nonjudgmental atmosphere. Your privacy is always respected and assured.

As a dedicated holistic and wellness practitioner, I have acquired a wealth of knowledge and experience across various disciplines. I am a certified yoga teacher from the Temple of Kriya Yoga, and I continue to pursue ongoing studies in areas such as meditation, mindfulness, children’s yoga, athletic yoga, Anusara, and Yoga for Veterans.

I hold a Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Practitioner® certification, with a focus on crystal therapy alternatives, crystal yoga, crystal gridwork, crystal therapy for animals, and other related areas.

Drawing on years of experience, I am proficient in tarot reading, having studied and acquired certifications from esteemed innovators such as the inspirational Veronica Varlow (with special thanks to Grandma Helen!), Jenna Matlin, and the Biddy Tarot program, among other independent, generous teachers. Furthermore, my coursework and experience in EFT is currently with the Center for EFT Studies. I am also a Reiki master with a deep understanding of animal communication and crystal Reiki healing modalities.

In addition to my holistic and wellness background, I possess an undergraduate degree in Business and Communications, a master’s degree in Organizational Management, and a certification in Human Resources. My professional business experience includes compliance consulting, legislative research and analysis, communications, training, and serving as adjunct business faculty for several universities.

I am grateful for the privilege of serving others in their journey towards holistic wellness. My aspiration is for your path to always be guided towards the best and highest good for all.

~Laura (she/her)