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Emotional Freedom Techniques – “Tapping”

I personally began using Tapping almost ten years ago when confronted with a challenging health diagnosis, which was immediately followed by several unexpected and tragic losses in my family. Tapping, in combination with my other wellness practices, was an incredibly beneficial addition to my overall healing, stress management, and ongoing personal growth and development. I absolutely love it and believe that it is transformational.

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Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), also known as Tapping, is a holistic therapy that combines traditional Chinese medicine, psychology, and acupressure to release negative emotions and promote emotional healing. EFT involves Tapping on specific meridian points on the body while focusing on a particular issue, such as anxiety or pain. The Tapping is believed to stimulate the body’s energy system and help release blocked emotions and energy.

EFT is often used as a complementary therapy alongside other treatments and has been shown to be effective in reducing symptoms of anxiety, depression, PTSD, and other emotional and physical issues.

My EFT training and experience was obtained through the Center for EFT Studies. I am currently in the process of being certified as a credentialed professional with the Association of EFT Professionals (AEFTP). The descriptions and information provided here, as well as my treatment protocol, are based upon the Center’s philosophy and curriculum.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)


EFT (or “The Emotional Freedom Techniques” or “Tapping”) involves tapping on acupuncture points to relieve unwanted emotions and physical symptoms. The acupuncture points are stimulated by tapping on them with the fingertips. The treatment premise is based upon the understanding that all illness has an emotional component, and that emotions are “energy in motion.” When the energy gets stuck in the body, symptoms appear. By moving the energy through the body’s meridian system by tapping while tuning into the source of the blockage, the symptoms (e.g., negative emotions, blocking beliefs, physical pain) diminish or disappear.

EFT or “Tapping” has been used to help with issues such as pain, anxiety, weight loss, phobias, trauma, allergies, illness, troubling memories, limiting beliefs, and depression. It also can be used to enhance performance, manifest goals and abundance objectives, as well as increase personal success! As EFT founder Gary Craig suggests – “Try it on everything.”

It has been scientifically proven that stress is the primary cause of most illness. If stress is represented in the body as energetic blockages or resistance, it makes sense that by reducing the energy resistance (by rebalancing the body’s energy system with tapping), we can therefore reduce stress and subsequently reduce pain or other symptoms. 

Since its beginning in the 1990’s, EFT has gone from being a considered an alternative technique to a viable professional treatment option in a wide variety of applications.

EFT is simple to learn, easy to use, available at all times and can be applied to basically anything. It sends calming signals to the brain, shutting down the “fight or flight” response. This leaves space for thinking clearly and bringing out the best for our body, mind and spirit.

There is now a wealth of scientific studies showing the benefits of EFT, as well as numerous articles and testimonials from various clinicians, body workers, and other health professionals. I am very happy to share additional information and answer any questions you may have about the process and treatment and/or training sessions I offer.

EFT is not a replacement for medical or psychological care, and physicians and other health and mental health providers should always be sought out and used as needed.